Tursunzoda is a city in western Tajikistan, known for its aluminium smelting plant TadAZ. It is located 60 km west of Dushanbe, near the border with Uzbekistan. It is near several rivers, Shirkent and Karatag immediately to the west and east of the city, and Kofarnihon further east. Its population was given as 40,600 in the 1989 census, falling to 39,000 in 2000, and estimated at 37,000 in 2006.The city has two television stations, TV-REGAR and TV-TADAZ, two newspapers, Aluminiy Tojikiston and Regar, and a radio station.Tursunzoda is home to football club Regar-TadAZ Tursunzoda.HistoryTursunzoda was originally the village of Regar, meaniown on sn 1978, the town and with it the whole district were renamed in honor of the Tajik national poet, Mirzo Tursunzoda. Its railroad station is still called Regar. The city developed from a village as a regional centre for an agricultural district in the western part of Gissar (Hisor) Valley. Fruits, especially grapefruit, vegetables, and cotton are grown in the district. Thanks to plentiful irrigation from the local rivers, Tursunzoda district is a major rice-growing region, producing 1,400 tons, or 13% of Tajikistan s rice harvest in 2006. In the 1960s, the nearby Nurek Dam hydroelectric power station on the Vakhsh River made the city a good location for industry, and besides the aluminium plant, there are also china, brick, cable, and cotton cleaning plants.


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Stadium Metallurg 1st District

Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue, Performance & Event Venue

Стадиен Фрунзе

Sports & Fitness Instruction

Eldorado Tajikistan
Центральный рынок, 737450 Tursunzade, Sughd, Tajikistan

Ресторан Habibi
Регар, Tursunzoda

Металлург (стадион, Турсунзаде)

Performance & Event Venue, Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue

Tajik Aluminium Company

Маркази ташхисии Камолот
737450 Tursunzoda
Medical Center, Medical Company


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ГУП «Таджикская алюминиевая компания», Республика Таджикистан, 735014 Tursunzoda
Industrial Company

Armani ss
Sawari bazar dactek buner, Sami1234 Regar, Sughd, Tajikistan

ТАЛКО - ТАДАЗ Таджикская Алюминиевая Компания
735014 Республика Таджикистан, 735014 Tursunzoda
Food & Beverage

Izmir Kebap

European Restaurant, Turkish Restaurant


Tursunzade, Sughd, Tajikistan
Tursunzade, Sughd, Tajikistan
City, City
Cheresh-Tepa, Khatlon, Tajikistan
Cheresh-Tepa, Khatlon, Tajikistan
City, City
Regar, Khatlon, Tajikistan
Regar, Khatlon, Tajikistan
City, City
Regar, Sughd, Tajikistan
Regar, Sughd, Tajikistan
City, City
City, City

Konica foto studia
mkr 2, Tursunzoda
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Tursunzoda Tacikistan

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Tacikistan Tursunzade

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