Türkistan, Kazakhstan

Türkistan, Kazakhstan


Turkistan, formerly known as Turkestan, is a city in the South Kazakhstan Region of Kazakhstan, near the Syr Darya river. It is situated 160km north-west of Shymkent on the Trans-Aral Railway between Kyzylorda to the north and Tashkent to the south. Its population has increased within ten years from toHistoryTurkistan is one of Kazakhstan s historic cities with an archaeological record dating back to the 4th century.During the Han dynasty it may even have been Beitan, the summer capital of ancient Kangju (康居), which is mentioned in the Hanshu.It became a commercial centre after the final demise of Otrar, the medieval city whose ruins lie near the Syr Darya to the southeast. Throughout most of the medieval and early-modern period it was known as Yasi or Shavgar and after the 16th-17th centuries as Turkistan or Hazrat, both of which names derive from the title Hazrat-i Turkistan , which literally mea Saint (or Blessed One) of Turkisd refers to Khoja Akhmet Yassawi, the Sufi Sheikh of Turkistan, who lived here during the 11th century CE and is buried in the town.Because of his influence and in his memory the city became an important centre of spirituality and Islamic learning for the peoples of the Kazakh steppes. In the 1390s Timur (Tamerlane) erected a magnificent domed Mazar or tomb over his grave, which remains the most significant architectural monument in the Republic of Kazakhstan, was pictured on the back of the banknotes of the national currency until 2006.


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Tourist Information Center
Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Workplace & Office


Tourist Information Center

Алтын Бұлақ-Яссы - Қырғыз Базары
Кызылординская трасса, 35, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Shopping Mall, Market

Naba jewelly collection
garden west, Karachik
Shopping & Retail

Burger Land

Mir Kebab
Bekzat Sattarhanov b/n, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Elia Cafe

Restaurant, Cafe
Торговый дyage lounge bar, Türkistan, Kazakhstan

Ahmet Yasawi mausoleum
Shornak, Turkestan, Ongtüstik Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Religious Organization, Historical Place

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Turbesi

Region, Historical Place, Neighborhood

Turkistan Hodja Ahmet Yesevi
Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Real Estate Agent, Borough, Public & Government Service

Çağdaş Türk Lehçeleri Çevirmenlik
34330 Istanbul, Turkey
Professional Service
Life studio
Толеген Диметов 37, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, [email protected]
Professional Service

Мангельдина, Shymkent

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
Türkistan, Türkistan, Kazakhstan

Ankara Türkçü Otağı
Turan’, M.Ö.220-M.Ö.46-M.S.48-M.S.370-M.S.338-M.S.330-M.S.420-552-1071-1923
Monument, Military Base, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Aliya s Creation & Collections
Gulistan e jauhar Block 11, Karachik
Local Business
Тауке хан 160, Turkestan, Ongtüstik Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, ShahRuh
Local Business
С.Ерубаев, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Local Business
مزار خواجه احمد یسوی
Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Historical Place
OĞUZ CADDESİ, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 000000
Local Business

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Türbesi Camii ve Külliyesi
ATAYURT, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161204
Landmark & Historical Place, Mosque, Museum
Алшын-8, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Landmark & Historical Place

Sherlock Shopping
Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Shopping Mall

Mauzolej Hodže Ahmeda Jasavija
Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Historical Place

г. Туркестан, пр. Саттарханова, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161201
Grocery Store, Shopping & Retail

2 Devlet Bir Millet ( Türkiye - Azerbaycan )
Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 58400
Government Organization
Этноцентр Туркестан Мкқк
[email protected], Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Government Organization


Food & Beverage, Local Service, Travel Service

Cousion s Dj Events Organizer
Bafferzone, Karachik
Event Planner

Student Advisory group
karachi pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan-75900

Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 1233321
Computer Company
Gadget Glory
Karachik, 7450
Computer Company

Hüseyin Nihal Atsız Üniversitesi
Tanrı Dağı, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 55555
College & University, School, College & University
Ahmet Yesevi Üniversitesi
Türkistan/Kazakistan, 161200
College & University, College & University

Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Türkistan, Kazakhstan
City, City
City, City

Кафе Бургерланд

Cafe, Restaurant, Local Service

The Wall Expert s
Maine Clifton Road Karachi Columbas Tawer near PSO head Office.Contect:Wattsab.03350369006, Karachik
Business Service, Business Service
WHOLE World,llc
Казахстан, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161217
Business Service, Business Service
Tha Designner.In Ladies suit & kurti
Columbas Tower Maine Clifton Road karachi.Contect Me.92-21-03340309579wattsap.92-21-03350369006, Karachik
Business Service
Akimzhan Zhauenov
ул.Тәуке хан ТЦ.Керуен Сарай, Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200
Business Service

Garax Business Cluster
Туркестанская 6А, уг. ул. Кунаева., Shymkent

AUTO GAS Turkestan
Казибек би (Жуковски), Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
Autogas Turkestan
Казибек би (Жуковски), Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat

Chodża Ahmad Jasawi
Türkistan, Kazakhstan
Arts & Entertainment

Archaeology center IKTU named Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
Türkistan, Kazakhstan, 161200, ЮКО, Түркістан қаласы, Саттарханов көшесі, 29
Archaeological Service, College & University, Government Organization

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