SV Art Production

Africa Road, Khartoum, Sudan



SV Art Production delivers innovation arts, professional audio-visuals, development media, capacity building laboratory, full content and creative service


SV Art Production was founded in September 2015


In SV Art Production, we believe in our creative insight and ability to deliver in part- nership with our clients, creative ideas and content that speaks connects with their clients and target audience. We firmly believe in contributing meaningfully to our clients through business partnership and delivery of real economic and brand value. Our production house is equipped with high standard production technology and know-how to effectively deliver Corporate Videos, Event documentations , Promo Ads, Commercials, Documentary and Experimental Films. SV has the desire, creative ability, and fresh ideas together with sound business mod- el and technology to deliver value in the following: Full Content Services Content Creative and Design Services, Content and Project Development, Corporate Presentations, Full Event Documentation Services, Full Event Management Services Full Production Services, Full Post Production Services, Full Production Manage- ment Services. Creative Services Designing and Developing Content, Developing Communication Strategies, Multi Media Communication Solution, Corporate Branding Solutions, Production Design, and Script Development. Production Management Services Complete end-to-end Value Proposition and from concept to broadcast. Deliver Across all genres,platforms and media Creative, technically qualified and experienced team Committed resources and Management Critically acclaimed in-house Directors and Producers Industry Leadership SV Studio Services Full service multi-track audio recording and production serving both the music and business communities Audio editing, audio recording, audio file encoding and format conversion, podcast production Page 3 of 6 Professional studio musicians, composers and song writers available for your next recording project Advertisements, Jingles, and Music insertions Films and Video soundtracks and effects Live Event Services Small event professional Sound Equipments DJ performances A Professional Musical Band Professional Musicians and Live Performers All scale event planning, organizing and managing.


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Places Nearby

Gesr Center for Development
Amarat, Street 37, Khartoum, Sudan
Youth Organization, Nonprofit Organization

Dream Wedding Hall
Near Agriculture University, Peshawar, Pakistan-25000
Wedding Planning Service, Restaurant

Alasayel International Travel and Tours
Al Riyadh - Street 112 - Block 8, Khartoum, Sudan
Travel Agency, Travel Company

Nebras Travel Agency - Flynas Sudan
Khartoum - Sudan / Amarat 41.St Amroon Building, Khartoum, Sudan
Travel Agency

El-Simbillâwein, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt
Travel & Transportation, Motel

مطار الخرطوم الدولي
مطار الخرطوم, Khartoum, Sudan
Transit Hub, Locality, Religious Place of Worship

نادي الالماني
النادي ألالماني, Khartoum, Sudan
Tennis Court

شارع الستين - الخرطوم
موقعنا المنشية - شارع الستين - غرب مسجد السيده السنهورى, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
شارع الجزار
Khartoum, Sudan
شارع محمد نجيب
Khartoum, Sudan
شارع ٦٠
Khartoum, Sudan
Street, Region

شارع المشتل
الخرطوم, Khartoum, Sudan
State, City, Street

Target Paintball, Sudan
south side of Khartoum sports city, Khartoum, Sudan
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue, Arts & Entertainment

الساحه الخضراء
الساحه الخضراء, Khartoum, Sudan
Sports & Recreation Venue

الخرطوم الجريف غرب
الحاره الخامسه, efelis, Khartoum, Sudan
Sports & Recreation, Neighborhood, Residence

bsher bk kmbal, Halfayat Al Muluk, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Social Service, Education, Public Service

Sena Hypermarket
Riyahd, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
Shopping Mall
Afra Mall
W10 4 London, United Kingdom
Shopping Mall

دجاج كاك kak
جبرة شمال, kak, Khartoum, Sudan
Shopping & Retail, Fast Food Restaurant, Chicken Joint
00000, Khartoum, Sudan
Shopping & Retail

منتجع السمك
الرياض, Khartoum, Sudan
Seafood Restaurant
صاج السمك
41 العمارات, Khartoum, Sudan
Seafood Restaurant, Fish & Chips Restaurant, African Restaurant

Galal Hamadto Engineering
Amarat - 15th street, 12345, Khartoum North
Science, Technology & Engineering

مدرسة الحميراء النموذجية بالحارة - 9
Alsabeel street, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

مستشفى مهيره التخصصي
Khartoum, Sudan
Safety & First Aid Service

The Ranch
Amarat, street 15, opposite blue boy shop, 0024, Khartoum, Sudan
Sugar Restaurant - To Go
Riyadh - Al Jazaar Street, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, Food & Beverage Company
البيت الشامي
تفتطع شارع عبيد ختم مع الشرقي, Khartoum, Sudan
مطاعم امواج
Khartoum, Sudan
Al Baraka مطعم
شارع المشتل, Khartoum, Sudan
Prince Café
الرياض, Khartoum, Sudan
Solitaire Restaurant & Cafe - Al Riyadh
Al Jazzar St., 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, City Infrastructure
Spectra Restaurant & Cafe - Sudan
الخرطوم، شارع المطار - العمارات شارع ١٩, 11, Khartoum, Sudan
Coffee Shop, Restaurant
مطعم طربوش
جبرة الشارع العام مقابل لفة جبرة جنوب, Khartoum, Sudan
شارع الستين بالقرب من مستشفى جرش تقاطع عبدالله الطيب جنوبا, Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, Motel
Pataya Restaurant & Cafe
khartoum2, Khartoum, Sudan
Cafe, Restaurant
Coptic Club Khartoum
Amarat Street 11, f, Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, Social Club, Sports
Lazord Restaurant
Airport street, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
مطعم جلابينو
العمارات, Khartoum, Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan

موقعى اﻻن
Khartoum, Sudan

Al Riyad

Region, Asian Restaurant

Region, Business Service
الخرطوم السلمه

Region, Residence
Public Health Institute, Khartoum, Sudan

Region, Medical & Health, Professional Service

هيمو تل ميوزك
السودان - الخرطوم, 00249926300088, Khartoum, Sudan
Record Label

سكة رحيل
Khartoum, Sudan
Public & Government Service
مطار دبي
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Public & Government Service
مستشفى إبراهيم مالك التعليمي Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital
Al-Sahafa, Khartoum, Sudan, Khartoun, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Public & Government Service, Hospital, Medical Company
كــلام من ذهــب
Al Khartum, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Public & Government Service

Khartoum international high schools مدارس الخرطوم العالمية العليا, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Private School, Preschool

11115, Khartoum, Sudan
Printing Service, Broadcasting & Media Production Company, Advertising Agency

سما استايل
mashtal street, Khartoum, Sudan
Pool & Billiard Hall

Khartoum, Sudan
Pizza Place
Delak Pizza
alkhartoum-alamarat-st.35, Khartoum, Sudan
Pizza Place

د. صفاء حميده/ Dr safa humaida
sudan, 0000, Al Khartum, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Pharmacy / Drugstore, Medical & Health, Beauty Salon
علاجات امنه
11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Pharmacy / Drugstore, Medical & Health

صالة نسيم شبال
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance & Event Venue
السلمه البقاله

Performance & Event Venue
صاله الملكة
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance & Event Venue, Just For Fun, Local Business
المايقوما بالقرب من السجانه
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance & Event Venue

نادي الضباط حفل البلابل
Khartoum, Sudan
Party Entertainment Service, Arts & Entertainment

The Green Yard
Africa Road, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan

NU Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan
Organization, City

Sudanese human rights initiative
Khartoum, Sudan
Non-Profit Organization
حملة ارسم بسمة
Al Khartum, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Non-Profit Organization

الخرطوم الأزهرى

Neighborhood, Region, Cafe
الرميله الخرطوم
الرملية, ٣٢٦٦٥, Khartoum, Sudan

زول جميل
الخرطوم, Khartoum North
Movie/Television Studio

Afra Mall
afraa mall, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Movie Theater, Shopping Mall, Business Service

Ericsson Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan
Mobile Phone Shop, Business Center, Business Service
Huawei Mobile Sudan
Africa Street,, 11123, Khartoum, Sudan
Mobile Phone Shop, Professional Service, Locality

البيت المصري
شارع عبيد ختم, +249, Khartoum, Sudan
Middle Eastern Restaurant
الليوان الدمشقي Alewan Aldimshgi
000, Khartoum, Sudan
Middle Eastern Restaurant

كلية الطب والعلوم الصحية دنقلا
دنقلا العجوز, دنقلا
Medical School, College & University
University of Medical Sciences and Technology
Mashtal Street, P.O. Box 12810, Khartoum, Sudan
Medical School

Zein Medical Center مجمع زين الطبي
تقاطع شارع القصر مع السيد عبد الرحمن - شرق المريديان سابقا, 0183-710321 / 0183-710320, Khartoum North
Medical Lab, Medical Company

عيادة الأسنان
Khartoum, Sudan
Medical Center

Bob Marley Foundation in Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan
Locality, Non-Profit Organization, Shopping & Retail
Albshagra, الي ربك, Khartoum, Sudan

الخرطوم الديم
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Service

الخرطوم الرياض شارع اوماك
الخرطوم الرياض شارع اوماك - وكاله عالية هوليدي العالميه, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
صالة قرطبة
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
الجريف غرب
القلعه, Khartoum, Sudan
Royal Palm Saloon
عبدالله الطيب, Khartoum, Sudan
Beauty Salon, Government Building
فلم سكس
الخراطم, 71000, Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment
Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
Al-Yarmouk University
Local Business
السودان / الخرطوم / الصحافه زلط
السودان ، الخرطوم ، جبل اوليا امرباح, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Local Business
قصر الزمرد | Al Zumurd palace
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
مطار الخرطوم السفريات الداخلية
Khartoum, Sudan
Airport Terminal, Airport
دار الخيال
Khartoum, Sudan
Hotel & Lodging
امتداد ناصر شارع مامون البرير الخرطوم, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
Khartoum, Sudan
Charity Organization, Community Organization, Youth Organization
Khartoum Almansiea
شارع اوماك
Local Business
Malek Cricket Association
Khartoum, Sudan
Sports Club
صالة النيل
شارع النيل مع تقاطع أوماك, Khartoum, Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan
فندق بردايس
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
مسجد سيدة سنهوري
شارع الستين, Khartoum, Sudan
Religious Center
مستشفي سوبا الجامعي Soba Hospital
شارع سوبا, 111111, Khartoum, Sudan
Hospital, Pet
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
Al Siteen Street,gereif West
al siteen street, Khartoum, Sudan
Apartment & Condo Building
Amtaar Investment Company
Al Riyadh, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
مطعم الحبشه
Khartoum, Sudan
اخبار الصحف اليوميه
صالحة, abda, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business

الخرطوم بحرى, Al Khartum, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

منتزه الدوحة
كشكوش, Khartoum, Sudan
Just For Fun

Khartoum, Sudan
Italian Restaurant

Mercury Mexican Grill
Al Mamoura/West Jireif on Bashir Elnefeidi Street, 1111, Khartoum, Sudan
Investment Management Company, Fast Food Restaurant, Marketing Consultant

Maxnet for Internet Service
Al Siteen St, Riyahd, khartoum, Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan
Internet Service Provider

السودان, 11000, Khartoum, Sudan
Ice Cream Shop

Kanon Hotel
00249, Khartoum, Sudan
Hotel, Residence, Art Restoration Service
فندق السلام روتانا
Khartoum, Sudan
Hotel, Sports & Recreation
Nantong Hotel
Khartoum, Sudan

Makkah Eyes Hospital
Khartoum, Sudan
المستشفى الاكاديمي الخيري
الصحافه الامتد, Khartoum, Sudan
Hospital, Therapist
مستشفى يستبشرون
الرياض شارع مكة, Khartoum, Sudan
Academic Hospital
Khartoum, Sudan

Coiffeur Hala
Khartoum, Sudan
Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

قسم مرور الخرطوم شرق
Khartoum, Sudan
Government Organization

شارع الصحافة ظلط, Khartoum, Sudan
Gas Station

Someet Gallery & Cafe
Al Reyadh - Al Jazzar St, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
Furniture Store, Art Gallery, Home Decor

السوق المركزى الخرطوم
اخر شارع الصحافة شرق, Khartoum, Sudan
Food Wholesaler, Fruit & Vegetable Store

شوكولاته جلاكسي
<< not except>>, Khartoum, Sudan
Food & Beverage Company

Cedars -Lizamin
61, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
Food & Beverage, Hotel
Khartoum Eltaif
شارع النخيل, Khartoum, Sudan
Food & Beverage, Neighborhood

رويال بروست
الحلفايه, 3451, Khartoum, Sudan
Fast Food Restaurant, Chicken Joint, Food Delivery Service

منتجع عصام الشيخ
شارع افريقيا, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan

صالة كزام
دولة قطر, Khartoum, Sudan
Event, Arts & Entertainment

Alkhartoum - alshargee st, 41121, Khartoum, Sudan
Electrician, Furniture Store

Muqatel Training Center
الجريف غرب, شارع القسم, غرب مدارس الايمان, 24900, Khartoum, Sudan
Arab Open University - Sudan Branch
Alriad block 20 (obaid khstim street), 7818, Khartoum, Sudan
حنك الثانوي
alkhartum, باف, Al Khartum, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Education, Day Care

Makka Eye Complex
Khartoum, Sudan
مستشفى الشيخ التخصصي
شارع عبيد ختم, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan

مطعم امواج Amwaj Restaurant
الخرطوم شارع المطار, 111, Khartoum, Sudan

مركز عفراء للتسوق
Africa Street, bbmkakkm, Khartoum, Sudan
Department Store, Religious Place of Worship

مطعم وكفي شوب جاد شارع المطار
Africa Street · الخرطوم, Khartoum, Sudan
Deli, Restaurant, Grocery Store
مطعم جاد شارع المطار
الشرقي, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Deli, Street, Diner
مطعم الفاخر
شارع عبيد ختم, Khartoum, Sudan

09, Khartoum, Sudan
Corporate Office, Community Service

سفاره مصر
فی اربیل؟, Khartoum, Sudan
Consulate & Embassy
India in Sudan (Embassy of India, Khartoum)
Al Amarat Street No. 01 , Block 12 DH, Khartoum, Sudan
Consulate & Embassy, Government Organization

Aag Training Center
Khartoun, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Computer Training School

60 St. Block NO. 85 Buliding 313, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Abanos Production House
alryiad, almashtal St., Khartoum, Sudan
SV Art Production
Africa Road, Khartoum, Sudan
World Cnc
establad, Khartoum, Sudan
شركة عيون للحفريات في سودان
سودان خرطوم, Khartoum, Sudan

Jāmiʿat afreqia al-alalamia
Khartoum, Sudan
College & University
جامعه الرباط
College & University
UofK, Faculty of Medicine
ElQasr Avenue, 112, Khartoum, Sudan
Medical School, College & University, Medical Research Center
Africa International University Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan
College & University
Khartoum College of Applied Studies
Khartoum, Sudan
College & University
University Of Bahri
53 Street, Khartoum, Sudan
College & University

السودان, Khartoum, Sudan
Khartoum 3 , Sudan

City, Region, Neighborhood

اسبارك ستي
kk, Khartoum, Sudan
Charter Bus Service, Performance Art Theatre, Medical Center

جامعة قاردن سيتي
اوماك, Khartoum, Sudan
Campus Building, College & University

مطعم الشايقي
Khartoum, Sudan
Cafeteria, Restaurant
Khartoum, Sudan
Cafeteria, Restaurant, Tour Agency

Al Shahba Coffee House
Street, Khartoum, Sudan
أميره ست الشاي
Khartoum, Sudan
Star Cafe
Khartoum, Sudan
Cafe, Internet Cafe

الديم الساحة الشعبية

Business Service, Gym/Physical Fitness Center
مطار الخرطوم

Business Service, Travel & Transportation, Region

M Burger Joint
Riyadh, Khartoum, Sudan
Burger Restaurant

The Nile Bookshop مكتبه النيل
Alamarat Street 41, PO Box 8036, Khartoum, Sudan
Book & Magazine Distributor, Bookstore

Almigdad Fans
18020, Khartoum, Sudan
Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Home

Juice Bar
Juice Bar, Burri, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Bar, Medical & Health, Restaurant

نادي الضباط حفل عقد الجلاد
Matar st., Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment, Event
Escape Room - Khartoum
60 Street North of Sayeda Sanhoori Mosque, Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment, Business
نص البحر
Jordan, Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment

Top Gallery
Khartoum, Sudan
Art Gallery

Clothing Wholesale center
Riyadh,Al gazaar road, Khartoum, Sudan

Diamond Blue Hotel Apartments
Al Riyadh, 117 St. Khartoum, Sudan, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Apartment & Condo Building, Hotel, Other

Khartoum International Airport
Khartum, 0096, Khartoum, Sudan
Airport Terminal
Khartoum Airport (Departure Hall)
doha street, none, Khartoum, Sudan
Airport Terminal, City Infrastructure, Locality
Khartoum Airport
السودان, Khartoum, Sudan
Airport Terminal, Airport

Al Riyadh, Khartoum, Sudan, Khartoun, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Airline Industry Service, Airline Company, Company

khartoum - Gama Street, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Agriculture Company, Education

النادي الوطني
شارع المفتي, Khartoum, Sudan
Adult Entertainment Service, Performance & Event Venue

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