11113, Khartoum, Sudan

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We are Sudan s First Complete Medical Solutions Enterprise


SudaMed was founded in Dr. Mazin Mohammed Khalil


SudaMed takes the Sudan’s health sector to the cyber space by placing the health care professionals and institutions, and Sudanese biomedical information online and in mobile phones. It coordinates with medical professional, and institutions and interacts with payers, shares information, and conducts e-commerce in a secure manner. SudaMed provides content, tools, and services. It information, education and gives the public up-to-date biomedical information, and provide strategists, policymakers, and executives with the most recent and reliable facts and figures about Sudan’s Health, and provide expatriates with up-to-date and reliable with evironmental and health risks. Professionals, researchers, and students in the scientific and healthcare communities will be helped with the information they need. SudMed holds a 6000-item bibliography on Sudan, 600-item Sudanese Materia Medica, advanced search tools in international databases, and a comprehensive up-to-date medical directory. Consultants and specialists are helped to access and make full use of self-assessment packages in their respective specialties. In SudaMed, teachers and students can interact, share handouts, upload and downlaod medical slides, procedure video clips, or can stroll in the galleries of SudaMed Museum of Medicine and Health. SudaMed can simply be a medical directory helping patients to find their favourite physicians or revlevant hospitals, their location, and work schedule, and even their fees, and pay and book in advance.


To take the Sudanese public into the realm of digital and wireless health information, by making authentic medical and health information handy to educate and inform the Sudanese community


SudaMed Medical Directory SudaMed Training & Education SudaMed E-Commerce SudaMed Call Center and SMS Service SudaMed E-Library SudaMed Health Museum SudaMed Exchange Students Programme SudaMed Teleconference SudaMed Degrees


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Places Nearby


Transportation Service, City

Tigarland honeymoons & weddings company
برج المعلم-الخرطوم - شارع الجامعه مقابل رئاسة شرطة مرور ولايه الخرطوم, ص ب 1633, Khartoum, Sudan
Tour Agency

Tennis Club
Khartoum, Sudan
Tennis Court

شارع ٦٠
Khartoum, Sudan
Street, Region
Omdurman Bridge
السودان -ام درمان, 049 Stockholm, Sweden
Street, Performance Art Theatre, Region
أمدرمان شارع الدكاترة
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Street, Locality
كبري شمبات
شمبات, Khartoum North
Street, Locality, Geographical Place

الجوهرة الزرقاء
Al Hilal Stadium, Omdurman, Sudan, Al Hilal Stadium, Omdurman, Sudan, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
ملاعب حدائق الملازمين
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue, Just For Fun

نادي الهلال السوداني
أم درمان العرضه شمال, 11111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Sports Club, Country Club / Clubhouse, Local Service

استاد ودنوباوي

Sports & Recreation, Community Center
دار الرياضة امدرمان
Al Mawrada Street, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Sports & Recreation, Just For Fun

Al Hoosh
Soul Food Restaurant

Re. nails salon
الخرطوم -الرياض - شارع المشتل بجوار صيدلية المشتل, 1111, Khartoum, Sudan
Skin Care Service, Makeup Artist, Hair Salon

جامعة السودان للعلوم والتكنولوجيا
الصحافة زلط, الخرطوم
School, College & University

Ivory Restaurant
Al Bawaba St, Omdurman
Sandwich Shop, Fast Food Restaurant

Alsalam Rotana
Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel
Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop
قـــرية المشــــويات امدرمـــــــان
امدرمان الملازمين, Omdurman
Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop
Kristy Resturant

قرية المشويات
بيتزا كينج / بروست بابكير
شارع الصحافه زلط, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Pizza Place, Chicken Joint
قرية المشويات
امدرمان الملازمين
فابيانو شارع النص
Khartoum, Sudan
مطعم سما
شارع الوادي

الحاره السادسه
شارع الوادي, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
غرفة Shunah
داخلية علي عبد الفتاح, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

مسيد ابونا الشيخ الامين عمر
Omdurman - Abrof, Khartoum, Sudan
Religious Place of Worship, School, Public & Government Service

The Holy Qur an Association for Nigerian Students in Sudan
Abeid khatmm street, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Religious Organization, Religious Center, Other

زاوية شيخ الأمين عمر
omdurman wd albanna, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Religious Center
جامع الشيخ قريب الله
Religious Center, Art Museum


Region, Business Service, Cafe

Region, Travel & Transportation, Event
Confluence Of White And Blue Nile In Mogran, Khartoum

Region, Residence, Landmark & Historical Place

Region, Apartment & Condo Building
Omdurman Wad Uro

Region, Neighborhood, Professional Service

Region, Residence, Campus Building
White Nile Bridge

Region, River, Public & Government Service

نادي ابو الطيب

Public Swimming Pool

حمدي للخدمات
المنارة شارع الوادي, Omdurman
Public Service, Movie Theater

قسم شرطه مرور امدرمان
Public & Government Service, Locality
جامعه القران الكريم
شارع الموردة, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Public & Government Service, College & University

جامعة النيلين.كلية علوم الحاسوب وتقانة المعلومات
sudan, 00249, Khartoum, Sudan
Professional Service, College & University, School

قسم شرطة مرور ام درمان
Police Station, Law Enforcement Agency

شارع الوادي,, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Pizza Place
Dibonairs Pizza
60 Street
Pizza Place
Debonair s Pizza

Pizza Place

Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

صيدلية الروضة
سما, امدرمان
Pharmacy / Drugstore

المسرح القومي امدرمان
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance Art Theatre

مسرح الفنون الشعبية - أم درمان
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance & Event Venue
Performance & Event Venue

منتزه المقرن العائلي
Nile Street, Khartoum, Sudan

دار الرياضه

Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness, Just For Fun

بيت المال
Khartoum, Sudan
Neighborhood, Public & Government Service

القيصر ميوزك
شارع الوادي, 1094, Omdurman
Music Store, Musical Instrument Store

مسجد الرياض الثورة

Mosque, Religious Center

ماذن الصباغ, Omdurman
Mongolian Restaurant


Middle Eastern Restaurant
البيت المصري
شارع الاربعين
Middle Eastern Restaurant

مستشفى النيل الأزرق امدرمان
أمدرمان, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Medical & Health

امدرمان ود ارو
Local Business
مستشفي الوداد التخصصي
Khartoum, Sudan
Hospital, Other
المسرح القومي - حفل راي
Khartoum, Sudan
Performance Art Theatre
ايس كريم بامبينو
Local Business
سوق السادسه

Local Business
منتزه البوابه
Local Business
Omdurman, Althawra Al7ara Alrab3a
شارع النص جوار صيدلية ابو نجله
Local Business
سجن التائبات
شارع الملازمين, Omdurman /Sudan
Prison & Correctional Facility
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
ام درمان ابوروف
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
حي العمدة

Local Business
الجامع الكبير
Khartoum, Sudan
Mosque, Religious Center
امدرمان العرضه
شارع العرضة, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
صالة الريفيراء
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
ديبونيرز بيترا
شارع الوادي, 0249, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Local Business
Wad Uru

Local Business
مطعم استيلا
Local Business
Al nilin Mosque
مستشفي يستبشرون
شارع عبيد ختم, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
منتزه الدوحة

Just For Fun, Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Community Service
كافتريا وحلويات شهد الشام
شارع الوادى, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
PDOC Headquarters
Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
ام درمان الشهداء
Khartoum, Sudan
Residence, Agriculture Company
غابة السنط
الخرطوم المقرن, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Al Molazmein Omdurman
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

Shopping & Retail

Local Business
آآآحلى لمه وّّاحلى ؤؤنسهّ
الكلاكله, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
مجمع سارية الخرطوم
Khartoum, Sudan

استاد عطبره
Just For Fun, Sports & Recreation
المﻻزمين أمدرمان

Just For Fun, Region
ودنوباوي الهجرة
Khartoum, Sudan
Just For Fun

Shawadi Omdurman

Ice Cream Shop
ايسكريم شوادي
ود نوباوي, Omdurman
Ice Cream Shop

Hilton Hotel Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan
Coral Khartoum Otel
Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan
Hotel, Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care
Grand Holiday Villa
Nile Avenue, 249, Khartoum, Sudan
Hotel, Travel & Transportation

Asia Hospital
Khartoum, Sudan
Omdurman Maternity Hospital
مستشفي ام درمان, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Hospital, Pregnancy Care Center, Locality
مستشفي الولاده ام درمان
شارع الموردة, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Hospital, Pregnancy Care Center, Residence
مستشفى تقى التخصصي
Khartoum, Sudan
مستشفى الدايات
شارع الموردة, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Hospital, Residence
Blue Nile Hospital
omdurman,alshuhda,gahndi street, +249, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
مستشفى أمدرمان التعليمي
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Hospital, Doctor
مستشفي اسيا
الشهداء, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Hospital, Medical Service

مسجد الشيخ قريب الله, Omdurman
Home, Community Center

امدرمان حوش الخليفة
امدرمان شارع الموردة, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
History Museum

مطعم الحوش
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Halal Restaurant, Cafe, Lebanese Restaurant

استاد ود نوباوي
Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Sports Club, Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue

جي جي الملازمين
Al Bawaba Street, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Grocery Store, Restaurant, Deli

الهيئة العامة للإذاعة و التلفزيون
الهيئة العامة للإذاعة و التلفزيون
Government Organization
sudan TV
Nile st - almulazmin - om durman - sudan, Omdurman
Government Organization, Shopping & Retail
الاذاعة السودانية
Government Organization, Cable & Satellite Company

وزاره الاستثمار
Khartoum, Sudan
Government Building, Government Organization

البشائر للاثاث و الديكور
امدرمان شارع الوادي - الخرطوم شارع الستين, 1111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Furniture Store, Shopping & Retail

Ten 4
امدرمان _الملازمين, Khartoum, Sudan
Food & Beverage Company

قهوة المثلث
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Food & Beverage

المورده سوق السمك
شارع الموردة, Omdurman
Fish Market, Neighborhood, Market

عوضية اسماك
الموردة, 111111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Fish & Chips Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant

شيكانو امدرمان
شارع الوادي, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Fast Food Restaurant, Chicken Joint
Khartoum, Sudan
Fast Food Restaurant

Khartoum, Sudan
Family Style Restaurant
روابي بيتش Rwabi Beach
army road, 1111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Family Style Restaurant, National Park, Cafe

Za Moment
Obaid Khetim St., 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Event Planner, Photographer, Image Consultant


Event, Restaurant
سبارك سيتي
Buri Road, Khartoum, Sudan

أمدرمان مول
أمدرمان الشهداء, Omdurman
امدمان مول

Omdur English Medium Schools
مكتبة حي السيِّد المكي العامة Assayid Almakki Public Library
Assayid Ali شارع السيد علي, 11111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Birmingham training center
البلابل اركويت شرق مطعم سيدي بيه, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan

Alensaf kindergarten
Tuti island, Khartoum, Sudan
Day Care

الفحص الآلي امدرمان
شارع الوادي جوار مجمع المحاكم
DMV, Government Organization

وطني حيث أجد انسانيتي
00249, Khartoum, Sudan

الثورة الحارة الرابعة
ام درمان, Omdurman
Community Center

عوضية للأسماك
Comfort Food Restaurant, Diner

University of Medical Sciences & Technology - UMST
P.O. Box 12810, Khartoum, Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan
College & University, College & University
جامعة أمدرمان الأهلية
College & University, College & University
University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences
Mourda Street, un, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
College & University

بوتيك الدكتور شارع الدكاتره
dakatra road, Omdurman
Clothing Store
Vevie - Fashion boutique
الرياض.. تقاطع شارع مستشفى مكه مع شارع 117., Khartoum, Sudan
Clothing Store

Shaykh Gariballa Mosque
السودان, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
عطبره ..
City, Military Base
City, City

كليه الامام الهادي
الامام الهادي
Campus Building

كشري جي جي
Cafeteria, Restaurant
دودي امدرمان
Cafeteria, American Restaurant

ايطالي بيتزا
ودنوبادي, ودنوباوي

وزاره الداخليه الخرطوم
Khartoum, Sudan
Business Service

الازاعه والتلفزيون القومي
الهيئه العامه للازاعه والتلفزيون, Omdurman
Broadcasting & Media Production Company, Workplace & Office
قناة جهاز المغتربين الرقمية
الخرطوم/شارع محمد نجيب, 012, Khartoum, Sudan
Broadcasting & Media Production Company, Public & Government Service, Business Service
قناة النيل الأزرق
Broadcasting & Media Production Company

Rwabi beach روابي بيتش
Army Road over white Nile, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Beach, Restaurant, Region

Al Housh Sudanese Food Market

Barbecue Restaurant, Grocery Store, Mongolian Restaurant

Alhoush Restaurant Omdurman

Asian Restaurant, Mongolian Restaurant

امدرمان_ الكبجاب
الكبجاب, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment
The National Theater
Nile Avenue, Omdurman, Sudan, Omdurman
Arts & Entertainment
Escape Room - Khartoum
60 Street North of Sayeda Sanhoori Mosque, Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment, Business
بوابة عبد القيوم
Nile Avenue Omdurman, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment
اتحاد فن الغناء الشعبي - امدرمان
شارع النيل ام درمان
Arts & Entertainment
منتدي ابناء امدرمان
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment, Social Club

Lens Young Sudanese
nikola @live .it, 0921708621, Khartoum, Sudan
Art Gallery

الشهداء أمدرمان
Al bawaba St, m, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Agriculture, Home Improvement, Bus Station

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