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We are Sudan s First Complete Medical Solutions Enterprise


SudaMed was founded in Dr. Mazin Mohammed Khalil


SudaMed takes the Sudan’s health sector to the cyber space by placing the health care professionals and institutions, and Sudanese biomedical information online and in mobile phones. It coordinates with medical professional, and institutions and interacts with payers, shares information, and conducts e-commerce in a secure manner. SudaMed provides content, tools, and services. It information, education and gives the public up-to-date biomedical information, and provide strategists, policymakers, and executives with the most recent and reliable facts and figures about Sudan’s Health, and provide expatriates with up-to-date and reliable with evironmental and health risks. Professionals, researchers, and students in the scientific and healthcare communities will be helped with the information they need. SudMed holds a 6000-item bibliography on Sudan, 600-item Sudanese Materia Medica, advanced search tools in international databases, and a comprehensive up-to-date medical directory. Consultants and specialists are helped to access and make full use of self-assessment packages in their respective specialties. In SudaMed, teachers and students can interact, share handouts, upload and downlaod medical slides, procedure video clips, or can stroll in the galleries of SudaMed Museum of Medicine and Health. SudaMed can simply be a medical directory helping patients to find their favourite physicians or revlevant hospitals, their location, and work schedule, and even their fees, and pay and book in advance.


To take the Sudanese public into the realm of digital and wireless health information, by making authentic medical and health information handy to educate and inform the Sudanese community


SudaMed Medical Directory SudaMed Training & Education SudaMed E-Commerce SudaMed Call Center and SMS Service SudaMed E-Library SudaMed Health Museum SudaMed Exchange Students Programme SudaMed Teleconference SudaMed Degrees


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