Ras Tanajib Airport

eastern province, Safaniya, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia


Ras Tanajib Airport is a small airport located in the oil complex of Tanajib about 130km northwest of Jubail in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The airport is 4.1 km away from the Persian Gulf and occupies an area of 3 km².OverviewThe airport was built and being operated by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, as logistic support for the remote complex. Nowadays, it serves both Tanajib and the nearby Safaniya. It was also utilized during operation Desert storm in 1991.FacilitiesThe airport has one runway, 2,440 meters long and 30 meters wide, with lights and ILS support. There are 6 parking/gates for medium-sized airplanes, many helipads can be found in the airport.ParkingCar parking is available outside the airport gate.


Lot Parking No
Street Parking No
Valet Parking No

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Ras Tanajib Airport

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