Peak Mazeri Guest House. Hotel in Mestia,Becho,Upper Svaneti,Georgia

Price Range

$$ (10-30)


Amazing location near Mount Ushba
Best Svaneti trekking routes
Backpack travelers and hikers are kindly welcomed
Free pickup,great-view rooms,natural food

General Info

Hotel rates (night/person):
• only 15 eur (no meal) • only 35 eur (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
To BOOK your happy staying please send email or visit

We offer:
• Help with transportation, arrival/departure transfers.
• Help with Upper Svaneti trekking guides, guided tours organization.
• Horseback riding trips. yes! we have our own wonderful horses)
• Camp zone (tent camping).
• Cosy rooms with great mountain view.
• Natural and delicious traditional homemade meal. Local mineral water.
• Family stay friendly environment.


Our hotel is located at a really amazing place about 1600 meters above the sea, on a green valley, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountain peaks. Just at the foot of Ushba and Mazeri - the famous and highest European mountains.
Upper Svaneti is a stunningly beautiful land, delighting its landscapes, lush forests, mountain streams and waterfalls. Local people, ancient nation of Svans are characterized by their limitless hospitality and cordiality, also having a rich cultural traditions.
Upper Svaneti, Mestia and Mazeri are very popular destinations among tourists all over the world, but still not overloaded. A lot of people come to Svaneti for trekking and hiking, sightseeing and other outdoor activities. There are many climbers, snowboarders, freeriders among our guests.
The advantage of Peak Mazeri guest house is location in Upper Svaneti - Becho Mazeri village is the starting point for all trekking routes to mount Ushba!
Besides, unlike of Mestia, the capital of the region, our place is much more quiet.
Mestia is more busy and noisy, as it is now actively developing.
Fairy village, green meadows, fresh mountain air, natural food, fantastic sceneries, authentic Georgian experience... Welcome to our guest house!

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