Open University of Sudan

Ebed Khatim St, Khartoum, Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan



The Open University of Sudan is a public university based in Kartoum, Sudan that provides bachelor and postgraduate courses through distance education. The university is a member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.OUS at GalanceMottoEducation for AllMissionTo be a leading and distinct institution in the open, distance education locally and globally.OUS Vision:Ensuring national identity and affirmation of the cultural heritage through the curricula and academic programs.Inculcating new educational and behavioral norms, which promote the values of self-reliance and continuous self-education as well as the cultivation of talents and enhancement of mental, physical, aesthetic and creative faculties and the refinement of spiritual and moral values.Realization of democratization of education by providing equal educational opportunities for all without any form of discrimination through the expansion of higher education and training for the benefit of those who missed out education and the provision of opportunity to pursue education in combination with employment.Dissemination of continuous education and community education.Provision of qualified and trained manpower, sufficiently competent to meet the requirements of national development.Contribution in the development and improvement of quality education through the use of modern multi-media technology.Strengthening educational and cultural cooperation with local, regional, and international institutions.Contribution to enlightenment and cultural initiatives.OUS Objectives:To expand higher education opportunities in response to the increasing social demand through the diversification of academic programs and provision of easy access to them.

Places Nearby

Khartoum Intarnational Air Port
شارع افريقيا, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan

الخرطوم ... بحري ...شمبات
010255, Khartoum, Sudan
Apartment & Condo Building, Just For Fun

Street Nile Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan
Arts & Entertainment

انبهار للعرائس
khartoum bahri/almo2assa, Khartoum, Sudan
Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

17/8/, 123, Khartoum North

U M Consultancy
غرب حديقة القرشي, 111, Khartoum, Sudan
Business Service, Business Service, Marketing Consultant
SUDAN, 00249, Khartoum North
Business Service



المنطقه الصناعية
جنوب شارع الخور, Khartoum, Sudan
Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier, Automotive Repair Shop, Business Center

National Telecommunications Corporation
Khartoum, Sudan
Education, Government Building
Elrazi University
Al Azhari 2, 11551, Khartoum, Sudan
Education, College & University, Public & Government Service

المركز الثقافي الانجليزي
Khartoum, Sudan
Educational Consultant

Square Restaurant
السودان, Khartoum, Sudan
Family Style Restaurant


Go-Kart Track

1 كيلو متر, 12345, Khartoum, Sudan

Soba University Hospital
Khartoum - Madani Highway, 1111, Khartoum, Sudan
Hospital, Education
National Ribat Teaching Hospital
Khartoum, Sudan
Universal Hospital Sudan
Khartum kober, 34722, Khartoum North

Computer Man College
مواليد الجزيرة, Khartoum, Sudan
Landmark & Historical Place, School, College & University

Golden Arrow/toyota
Car Dealership, Religious Place of Worship
University Of Khartoum
شارع الجامعهvh, Khartoum, Sudan
College & University
Akwol upscale
khartom, 00000, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
Al Ryiadh
Khartoum, Sudan
اغاني مصطفي سيداحمد
حي الدرجات, Wau, Sudan
Local Business
مذهلة Muzhila wedding dresses
الحلفايا كيلو 8, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
الدروشاب, الخرطوم
Local Business

Local Business
EAU Developed Projects CO.LTD
ALSJANA - KHARTOUM2, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Local Business
محمد عوض

Local Business

التسامح لفة جوبا
شارع جوبا - اركويت, Khartoum, Sudan
Locality, Zoo, Food & Beverage
النيل الابيض- تندلتي
تندلتي حي القبة, Khartoum, Sudan
Locality, Transit Hub, Geographical Place

Catrina St
Khartoum 2, Khartoum, Sudan
Medical & Health

Mecca Street
Khartoum, Sudan
Meeting Room

الخرطوم الأزهرى

Neighborhood, Region, Cafe

الاتحاد العام للصيادلة السودانيين
شارع محمد نجيب, Khartoum, Sudan
Public & Government Service

Halfayat al Muluk
Halfayat al Muluk - الحلفايا, Khartoum North
Public & Government Services, Medical & Health, Cupcake Shop

ود الخبير للعقارات
khartum, 00249, Khartoum North
Real Estate Service

العقارات في الخرطوم
الخرطوم حي النزهة, 12121, Khartoum, Sudan
Rent to Own Store, Real Estate

Rivera Family Park
nile street, 11111, Omdurman

Popeye Fitness
Al-Mufti St., Khartoum 2, Khartoum, Sudan
Retail Company, Sportswear Store
سوق ستة
الحاج يوسف, Khartoum North
Shopping & Retail, Grocery Store, Fish & Chips Restaurant

MAR Shopping Center
Africa Street, +249, Khartoum, Sudan
Shopping Mall

11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Workplace & Office, Nonprofit Organization

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