Naif Specialized Medical Centre LLC

Al Barami Building, 23rd July Street, 211 Salalah, Oman



Naif Specialized Medical Centre LLC nestled in New Salalah since 8th Nov 2000, with an uncompromised professionals and compassionate healthcare.


Naïf Medical Complex is a dynamic medical complex nestled in Salalah, was established since 8th November 2000 with uncompromised professionals and compassionate healthcare. Within a meanwhile we have become one of the leading Medical Establishments in Salalah and spread it wings to Saadah and New Salalah as our two sister concerns with 10 specialized doctors team, located near named, ‘NAIF SPECIALIZED MEDICAL CENTRE’. At 4000 square feet, with expert physicians specialized in as vast range of medical fields, experienced nursing staff, vast consultation suites, a daycare unit for procedures such as laser treatment as well as an onsite laboratory and diagnostic radiology centre and endoscopy, ophthalmic in near future. With our accumulated and ever increasing experience the clinic imparted an outstanding level of expertise and cutting edge technology. Our Clinical Excellence is rooted in our excellent team of doctors specialize under one roof in various meadow like Dermatology, Dental, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gynecology and GP who are well versed in their respective field. This is further complimented by our teams of highly trained nurses and paramedical staffs. The mission of NAIF SPECIALIZED MEDICAL CENTRE is “Deliver world class, Cost Effective Patient Care”. At NAIF you are welcomed into a caring and calm environment and commenced with unique concept of treatment planning where utmost priority is given to patient information, consultation, sterilization, and explanation of treatment. Right from the established day we strived and thrived in imparting uncompromised medical care. We are looking forward to your visit with us.


The mission of NAIF SPECIALIZED MEDICAL CENTRE is “Deliver world class, Cost Effective Patient Care”.


• Hi-tech Laboratory • X-ray • Ultra sonography • ECG • Pharmacy


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