Mirbat Marriott Resort

Mirbat Beach, 220 Mirbat


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$$$ (30-50)


5-star Salalah Marriott Resort offers a tranquil and serene experience and refinement that beckons to even the most discerned traveler offering tranquility

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5 Star Salalah Resort, Family Hotel, Business Hotel, Salalah Hotel, Luxury Hotel, Fine Dining Restaurants, Spa, Dive Center


Distinctly placed beach resort located at Mirbat, the coastal town of Dhofar region in Oman famous for its seasonal weather, lush greenery and white foggy hills, perfect for those seeking tranquility and privacy. A 40 minutes scenic drive from Salalah International Airport brings you to the 5-star Marriott Resort offering 237 luxury rooms, ideal for family vacation, group holiday, romantic retreat, diving trips or weekend getaway. Sport lovers enjoy various activities including kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling. Each of our four restaurants and bars offer unique yet authentic Middle Eastern and international flavors. Dip into Oman’s largest swimming pool with swim-up bar or rejuvenate at Frankincense Spa. Adventure seekers; take a trip to the UNESCO Heritage Site Khor Rori or the nearby Taqah Castle Museum. Experience the tropical twist where coconut trees and banana palms replace the date trees of the north. The white sandy beaches are a perfect place to build a castle or search for seashells by the sea.


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Lot Parking Yes
Street Parking No
Valet Parking Yes


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Region, Landmark & Historical Place, City
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Mirbat Marriott Resort
Mirbat Beach, 220 Mirbat
Beach Resort

Khorori Beach

Khor Rori Archaeological Site
Taqah, Z̧Ufār, Oman
Arts & Entertainment, Landmark & Historical Place

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