Manoni s Guesthouse

25 Boris Kakhiani, 3200 Mestia


Price Range

$ (0-10)


Manoni s Guest House welcomes guests from all over the world for almost a decade. Budget travelers find here an excellent ratio of price and quality


You probably have read some reviews about our guesthouse. Let us tell you that we are improving every year. Now you can have more options. 1. New dormitory room was added in summer 2016 (it is our cheapest room). 2. Also we opened a new dining hall with bar where you can relax with bottle of wine and socialize with other travelers. Extensive menu is now available as well as fixed price meals (10 GEL each). 3. New water tanks were installed so hot water is almost always there. 4. There is a new balcony outside dining hall. Great place to watch a sunset and spend a rainy afternoon (we have plenty of ideas how to enjoy Mestia when it is wet outside) More things are on the way! We still have and always will: 1.delicious and affordable meals 2.hospitality you will never forget 3. comfortable rooms, 4. great views of the mountains 5. daily trips to Ushguli (and anywhere around) 6. almost everything to make your stay memorable


Lot Parking Yes
Street Parking No
Valet Parking No


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