KICS Riding School Khartoum

Soba, P O Box 1840, Khartoum, Sudan

Price Range

$$$$ (50+)


Our aim is to introduce, nurture and create lasting bonds between riders and equines through quality instruction.


The KICS Riding School is situated in the Soba area, south of Khartoum city. The riding school has a large sand arena, two lunge rings, grass arenas and loose paddocks along with beautiful gardens bordering the Nile.

Sundays are dedicated to lessons for young beginners where the lessons are 30 minutes long. Each horse and pony have a groom to lead it. When confidence and ability is established to ride without a leader, the groom will undo the lead-rein but stay close by. When the student has learnt to stop, start, steer and trot unaided they progress to the next level of lessons, given throughout the week.

Pony Walks take place on Saturday mornings for KICS Reception and Little KICS students to have a taste & feel of the equine world.

At KICK Stables, students learn to not only ride, but also the practical skills of taking care of horses - how to saddle up, grooming, basic feeding and stable safety rules – establishing excellent opportunities for personal growth and life skills.

Learning to ride and care for animals more than twice their size can empower students of all ages, boosting confidence whilst gaining a sense of responsibility, kindness and compassion.”


With over 30 years of teaching, competition and stable management experience, Nina has internationally produced competition horses and riders. Nina’s philosophy is that good horsemanship places the horse's needs first, whilst riding is an art where the objective is for the horse and rider to always be in balance with each other - mentally and physically - creating a harmonious equipage where the welfare of both the horse and the rider is the prime objective.


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