I-GEN Techclub / Training Branch

St 117 Riyadh , opposite to Amarat Centre - first floor, building 30 - block14, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan



IGEN introduces a new style of learning using state of the art computer technology.


I-GEN Techclub / Training Branch was founded in April 2013


In today s corporate world, soft skills are as important as technical skills. Major companies are looking for an all-round personality rather than subject experts, and to have a variety of opportunities or to *climb the ladder* being skilled in your area of expertise isn t enough, but being flexible and having what is often called tt ski what s needed to maximize one s effectiveness within an organization. OBJECTIVES; * Increase job skills to the trainees. * Enhance communication skills. * Development of people and time management skills. * Provide training to motivate the masses, which helps in the development of visualization and career planning. I-GEN provides training to trainees in different areas of soft skills like: * Team Dynamics * Communication Skills * Self-Management * Financial Literacy * Business Development * Professional writing * Building Networks & Partnerships * Professional Etiquette * Focus On The Market


Impact training center endeavors to be a professional, community spirited and progressive training body, by offering flexible, tailored training and education solutions designed to education inspire and motivate individuals and businesses helping to reach and achieve goals and aspirations.


Places Nearby


Transportation Service, City

Omdurman Bridge
السودان -ام درمان, 049 Stockholm, Sweden
Street, Performance Art Theatre, Region
امدرمان الثورة بالنص

Street, Region, Camera Store
أمدرمان شارع الدكاترة
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Street, Locality

الجوهرة الزرقاء
Al Hilal Stadium, Omdurman, Sudan, Al Hilal Stadium, Omdurman, Sudan, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
ملاعب حدائق الملازمين
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue, Just For Fun

نادي الهلال السوداني
أم درمان العرضه شمال, 11111, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Sports Club, Country Club / Clubhouse, Local Service

استاد ودنوباوي

Sports & Recreation, Community Center

Ivory Restaurant
Al Bawaba St, Omdurman
Sandwich Shop, Fast Food Restaurant

Alsalam Rotana
Khartoum, Sudan
Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel
Kristy Resturant

منتجع الروابي
Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Restaurant, Just For Fun
فابيانو شارع النص
Khartoum, Sudan
قرية المشويات
امدرمان الملازمين
قـــرية المشــــويات امدرمـــــــان
امدرمان الملازمين, Omdurman
مطعم سما
شارع الوادي

الحاره السادسه
شارع الوادي, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
حي العمده شرق
Umm Durman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
غرفة Shunah
داخلية علي عبد الفتاح, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan

مسيد ابونا الشيخ الامين عمر
Omdurman - Abrof, Khartoum, Sudan
Religious Place of Worship, School, Public & Government Service

جامع الشيخ قريب الله
Religious Center, Art Museum
زاوية شيخ الأمين عمر
omdurman wd albanna, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Religious Center
خيمة البروفيسور الشيخ حسن بساحة المولد النبوي
Muwalid Yard, East Entrance, Omdurman, Al Kharţūm, Sudan
Religious Center

Omdurman Wad Uro

Region, Neighborhood, Professional Service
White Nile Bridge

Region, River, Public & Government Service

Region, Residence, Campus Building

Region, Apartment & Condo Building

Region, Business Service, Cafe
Confluence Of White And Blue Nile In Mogran, Khartoum

Region, Residence, Landmark & Historical Place