Haggar Holding Company

Sudan, 13311, Khartoum North


Haggar Holding Company (HHC) is Haggar Family's investment vehicle, with investments in a range of businesses in Northern and Southern Sudan.


Haggar Holding Company was founded in Haggar Family


Haggar Holding Company (HHC) is Haggar Family's investment vehicle, with investments in a range of businesses in Northern and Southern Sudan.
HHC has embarked on a programme of expansion and diversification in keeping with its guiding principles, as outlined in the Mission Statement.


Pasgianos Food & Beverage Company:
Since it was acquired by Haggar Holding Company (HHC) in 1999, Pasgianos Food and Beverage Company (PF&B) continue to provide unique and national tastes to the Sudanese carbonated soft drink market. PF&B operates out of two bottling plants, one in Khartoum and the other Hasa Hesa. The company aims to lead the Industry in the non cola flavors

PF&B offers a portfolio of regular and light carbonated drink and mineral water packed in Returnable Glass Bottles (RGB), PET and Can. The main flavors include 'Frutto' and Orange. The product sizes range from 255ml to 2 liter.

PF&B's distribution strategy is to dominate Class 'A' & 'B' outlet within the relevant universe in Khartoum and lead Up Country markets. Its distribution model is predominantly direct, with agents serving some market.

Since quality and process excellence form a key part of HHC's work ethic, PF&B runs 6 Sigma and is the first soft drinks company in Sudan to achieve Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certification (ISO 22000 - 2005)

To come closer to our valued customers, we have developed a new mobility application to enable customers to navigate through our products catalogue and place their orders.
Mailing Address:

Khartoum North- Industrial Area
Tel: +249155301309
P.O Box: 236,
Postal Code: 13311, Khartoum North, Sudan
Email: [email protected]

Coldair Engineering Company Ltd.:

Haggar Holding Company (HHC) acquired Coldair Engineering Company (CEC) in 2001, which today leads the industry in domestically produced home appliances. CEC produces Refrigerators, Chest Deep Freezers and Evaporated Air Coolers.

CEC products combine high level of functionality with quality and affordability across a variety of sizes and designs made to meet and fit the existing and changing customer needs. Refrigerators include Single and Double door designs ranging from 10 Cubic Feet (Cf) to 14 Cf. Evaporated Air Coolers sizes are 3,000 and 4,000 CFM.

CEC works through authorized dealers and distributors spread across the country supported by service centers to ensure product availability and service support. CEC prides itself on its product quality and durability, offering 5 years guarantee

CEC believes in quality management systems and best practices in manufacturing as core parts of it strategy. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification (December 2007) and has been running 6 Sigma since 2008.

To come closer to our valued customers, we have developed a new mobility application to enable customers to navigate through our products catalogue and place their orders.

Mailing Address:

Khartoum North-14 Block 5 East- Industrial Area
Tel: +249185344880
P.O Box: 804
Postal Code: 13311, Khartoum North, Sudan
Email: [email protected]

Haggar Limited:

Haggar Limited (HL) is the trading arm of Haggar Holding Company (HHC) and focuses solely on the manufacturing and distribution of Samsung Consumer Electronics, including Flat Panel TVs (LED/LCD), Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Washing Machines.

HL continues to expand Samsung's position in the Sudanese market, upholding Samsung's mission to provide consumers with innovative products that converge digital technologies while offering exceptional quality, features, performance and value.

HL ensures product availability across retail outlets throughout the country as well as distributors that help extend reach and depth. Service centers provide after sales support and are being introduced to all key markets to ensure sales are backed by industry-leading warranties, customer service and technical support programs.

HL adopts quality management systems in its all policies and procedures and has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certifications in 2011. The company runs 6 Sigma

To come closer to our valued customers, we have developed a new mobility application to enable customers to navigate through our products catalogue and place their orders.

Mailing Address:

Block 11, House #1, Alamarat St 15.
Tel: +249 155 301316 +249 155 301315
P.O. Box: 263:
Postal Code: 11111, Khartoum, Sudan
Email: [email protected]


SUDASAT is the largest providers of VSAT services throughout Sudan, providing voice and data connectivity to institutions, companies and individuals across the country.

SUDASAT has10 transponders on ARABSAT, Badr 6 providing C-band coverage across Sudan and the African continent, with customers extending from the main cities to remote areas in Sudan. As the domestic market matures, SUDASAT has started focusing on developing a regional footprint

SUSASAT has a customer base comprising blue chip corporations, telecommunication solution providers, oil & gas, government organizations, development agencies and telecom operators.

SUDASAT is a customer-centric company with a reputation for high-quality technology and service. SUDASAT provides 24 hour service 7 days a week out of its NOC in Khartoum, with average uptime of 99%.

The company is committed to quality and has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009.

Mailing Address

Address: Building#: 9/40, Eltayeb Salih Street (Omak)-Riyadh Khartoum
Tel : +249 183 216860
Fax: +249 183 216861
Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box: 15031 (Amarat Post Office)
Website: www.sudasat.sd

Dynamic Oil Well Services:

DYNAMIC International Oil Well Services (DIOWS) is Sudan's leading national oilfield services company supplying solutions and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry. Founded in 2006 by Haggar Holding Company, the company offers the industry's most complete line of drilling tools and services as well as the most extensive selection of downhole and cementing equipment in the sector of oil well services in Sudan.

DYNAMIC is licensed by the Sudan Ministry of Petroleum to perform activities in the sector of oil well services and is contracted by the following operators for the provision of cementing and downhole tools services:
Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. (GNPOC).
Advance Petroleum Co. (APCO)
Great Sahara Petroleum Operating Co. (GSPOC)

DIOWS management is committed to excellence in service delivery and believes that its strong technical team and owned tools and equipment ensure efficient and cost-effective operations in a variety of applications that are part with international companies.

Address: Building - 13, Block -19 , Al Riyadh,
Tel: +249 183 216914, +249 183 216915
Fax: +249 183 216916
Email : [email protected]
P.O. Box: 7344, Khartoum 11123, Sudan
Website: www.haggar-dynamic.com

Juba Insurance Company Ltd:

Juba Insurance Company Ltd. (JIC) was established in July 1984. Haggar Holding Company bought a controlling stake in it during 2010 and is today focused on building Juba Insurance into the leading insurance provider in Sudan
JIC offers insurance in the following areas;
Annuity Insurance Business
2) Continuous Disability
Fire and Allied Perils
Motor Vehicle
Miscellaneous Insurance
Health Insurance
Capital Redemption
Employer's Liability
Marine Aviation and Transit Carriage
Personal Accident
Travel Insurance
After more than 28 years of experience, JIC has developed partnerships with local and international re-insurance brokers, including;
Robert Fleming Insurance Brokers.
LOCKTON (Dubai).
H. S. B. C. Insurance Brokers Limited.
Cedars Brokers & Consultants S .A.R.I
J. B. Boda Reinsurance Brokers PVT LTD. (India).
Tyser & Co. Limited.
LOCKTON (London).
Agnew Higgins Pickering & Co Ltd.
City Reinsurance brokers.
Chedid & Associates S .A.
United Insurance Brokers Limited (UIB),
Thompson Heath & Bond Limited

Address: Sayed Osman Alamin Building 2nd floor - Baladia St. - Khartoum West.
Tell: +249 183 779596
+249 183 779597
P.O.Box: 10043
Postal Code: 11111, Khartoum, Sudan


Let us work together in peace and harmony to build up new businesses that will be of benefit to us and more importantly to our Country and People.

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