Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan

45 Tursunzoda street, 734002 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

+992 (48) 701-77-74


Strengthening families by strengthening communities!


Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan was founded in 1999


Our vision is to become country catalyst for the cause of safe, affordable and decent housing by partnering with people and entities to increase access to safe and affordable homes through building, financing and promoting social housing institutionalization.

Company Overview

Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan is a nonprofit public foundation dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. It has been active since 1999 and to date helped low income families by building, renovating and repairing 7,700 homes. Habitat Tajikistan helped 2,500 families in rural areas to get access to safe drinking water. More than 4,500 individuals have been trained on disaster response, construction and vocational skills, financial education, health and hygiene.

So far 10,200 low income families in rural and urban areas have been served by Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan.


We aim to improve living condition of people living in poverty housing through strengthening their capacity and building simple, decent and safe homes, working in collaboration with partners, by developing resources, using innovative technologies and by partnering with national and local government to influence change and advance of national housing policies.

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