Faculty of Pharmacy University of Khartoum

Al-Qasr Ave, 11111, Khartoum, Sudan



The official Facebook account for Faculty of pharmacy, University of Khartoum, Sudan..


On behalf of the staff and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy,
Welcome to out Facebook page. Our faculty has been preparing students to become leaders in the profession of pharmacy since 1963.

Pharmacy is a complex, fast growing and exciting profession and an integral part of the interdisciplinary health care environment. The responsibilities and scope of practice of the pharmacist continues to change. Our faculty is in the middle of a remarkable transition to cope with a rapidly expanding and changing pharmaceutical science.

Our whole curricula are under total revision to encompass advances in pharmaceutical sciences with more focus on pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice to bridge the gap between the academic and profession.

Rehabilitation of our laboratories will continue, since we believe that research is an integral part of our mission.

In addition to the well established and successful program of master in clinical pharmacy (MCP), more programs for masters by courses will be introduced.

As we continually strive to improve our programs and extend our national and regional influence though quality education and research, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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