El Geteina, Sudan


El Geteina is a small town located in the state of the White Nile in Sudan. The main languages, spoken in the town, are: Dinka, Nuer, Beja, Nubian and Arabic. The town is placed just a little bit upstream of the lake formed by the White Nile Dam.


Lot Parking No
Street Parking No
Valet Parking No

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شارع الحوادث القطينه

Child Protective Service

Al Qutaynah, Al Wusta, Sudan
Al Qutaynah, Al Wusta, Sudan

Sama Rest
White Nile road, 1111, Al Qutaynah, Al Wusta, Sudan

كافيتريا سما رست القطينه
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Transit Hub, Restaurant

النيل الابيض مدينه الدرادر
Travel Service

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