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Training Centre


British Educational Institutes - Training Centre was founded in 2001


British Educational Institutes provides three types of different services, it has worked and still taught English for more than 60 years, where it has more than thirty branches [30] spread across the states of Sudan in addition to schools and kindergartens and the Centre of Professional Training, This centre was established in 2001 after our realization that the training in the field of English language needs to be a special treat, and therefore the types of professional courses are introduced.
The centre employs an excellent selection of teachers and trainers of professional Sudanese and foreigners who are highly trained, where sessions are specifically designed to treat the problems of the English language, and there are courses professional world in various disciplines, "see table" All this falls within the academic environment fun and modern teaching aids .
Original materials are provided in each session, and professional certification is provided at the end of each session.
The Centre offers professional training certificates from Britain, America and Canada.

The urgent need to refine national experiences prompted the foundation to create a unit to help in the rehabilitation of cadres and graduates by specialization to develop and improve the quantity and quality of performance . The training centre was set up in 2001 to meet the growing needs in this area where the Centre contributed to the training of dozens of companies and public bodies and private side of individuals and graduates in different disciplines where the number of entities that the Centre has rehabilitated its staff to more than a government and private sector in the field of English language and computer and business management , human resources, accounting and other disciplines. The headquarters of the centre is currently at Street 37 Avenue Mohamed Najib Southeast Library Ghazali. The centre gives professional global certificates from America , Canada and the European Union in the following disciplines as Centre hold these sessions regularly according to the table below:

Professional Diploma in Business Administration
Commander of Certified Management
Diploma in Strategic Planning
Director of Human Resources Professional
Project Manager Professional
ICDL in Computer Driving
Fellowship Director approved
Masters Fellowship in projects EU
Diploma in English World
Special program for the rehabilitation of graduates
Diploma in Computer Science
Global certificates in English TOEIC & TOEFL

We have the honor of training major companies in Sudan, which are:
Sudacad [Sudani/Sudatel/ Thabit]
Goal Organization
Minstry of Health
DAL Corporation
NCA Organization
CTC [Central Training Company]
KRC [Khartoum Refinery Company]
WNPOC [White Nile Pertorlium Operating Company]
Backheta Centre
Sudan Pipeline Company
Pertonas Carigali Overseas Sd.
The Sience and Technology University
El Manhal University
Al Bayan College For Sience and Technology
Sudan University For Sience and Technology
Academy For Educational Devoplment
Medicines Sans Frontiers
Technical Committe
El Neifedi Group
Perto Energy
Minstry of Fedral Governance
Fox Company
Sudanese Company for Construction and Oil Services
Minstry of Tourisum
Minstry of Enviroment and Physical Development
Sayga Investment L.T.D.
World Food Program
National Fund for Housing and Construction
Red UK
Britich Council
Morlin Orgnization
ZPEB (Chinese Petrolium Company ... and more ...


English Language and ICDL [International Computer Driving License - UK & USA Universities and Professional Certificates


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