Armugon Handicraft Shop

Maksudjon Tanburi st, 735700 Khujand

+992 92 7703995


Traditional handmade products from the Zerafshan Valley crafted with ancient ornaments and techniques.


Armugon Handicraft Shop was founded in 07.07.2009


The traditional decorative and applied arts like woodcarving, metal engraving, embroidery, jewellery, carpet weaving, and others are a very remarkable element of the Tajik culture, and of the Zerafshan Valley too. Embroidery has an important place in the textile production: wall rugs, covers, praying rugs, tea-bags, head-dress, camisole and hand-embroidered covers, the so-called Suzan Farsi) are the most beautiful and distinctive examples of such art. In 2009, Zerafshan Tourism Development Association has launched in the frame of the projemmunity Based Tourism in the Zerafshan Vale initiative on handicraft development in the Zerafshan valley. One of the components of tourist activity, namely manufacturing and selling the handicraft products ( souvenirs) to tourists, has become a good additional source of incomes for many women living in rural areas of the Zerafshan Valley, and hence positively contributing to the economic development of the region.


1.Improve the social status of women in rural areas by creating new sources of incomes. 2.Preserve the traditional folk arts and crafts. 3.Generate and increase the incomes of the craftswomen. 4.Protect the cultural heritage.


carpet, small carpet, wool product,national suzani, pillows of textile, bags, pouch, teppi,


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