Agency for hydrometeorology

47 Shevchenko Street, 734025 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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This organization acts as National hydrometeorological service of the Republic of Tajikistan.


Agency for hydrometeorology was founded in 1926

General Info

First meteorological stations and gauges launched in the second half of the XIX century on the territory of Tajikistan. The first one was - Khujand – which was established in 1866. Up to the beginning of XX there were 6 meteorological stations and 2 hydro gauges in Tajikistan. Hydrometeorological observations have been developed since 1926, within the period of the Hydrometeorological Committee of Tajikistan establishment. Initial environmental observations in Tajikistan started in 1934. These observations, being located on 14 water objects, were conducted to assess quality of water condition; data received featured conditions of natural reservoir and ponds of the Republic. Start-up of the systematic observations over environment were started in 1963 along with the assessment of the upper air quality.


Agency on hydrometeorology acts as National Hydrometeorological service of the Republic of Tajikistan. Its staff provides governmental bodies, economy objects and public with weather forecast news, in timely informs about natural hydrometeorology disasters and extreme weather events, and notifies about current and expected conditions of the environment. This information is urgent for the stakeholder organizations in terms of natural disasters mitigation, climate change assessment and long-term predictions, etc.

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